President Donald Trump on Tuesday, Aug. 4, said that he wants an extension of the $600-per-week unemployment benefits as part of the next CCP Virus (coronavirus) stimulus package.

During an interview with Grey Television on Tuesday, the president was asked if people on unemployment should continue to receive the extra $600 each week, reported Breitbart News.

“Yeah. I want to get them. I want to get them a lot. And I want to—it’s not their fault. It’s China’s fault that this whole thing happened,” President Trump responded.

“We were setting records,” the president said. “And then this—the plague … came in, and it’s not the people’s fault. So we want to take care of them, really good, take care of them very well.”

President Trump also said earlier in the day that he was optimistic that negotiations on Capitol Hill over another massive CCP Virus stimulus package are going well, but threatened to take executive action if Congress and the White House struggle to break the impasse.

The president stated that he wants a continuation of the moratorium on evictions, the $600-per-week unemployment benefits and a pay roll tax suspension, adding that his administration is looking at measures it can do to by pass Congress to provide economic relief for Americans suffering amid the pandemic. 

Big division remains on the $600 boost to unemployment, which Republicans have argued is too high and disincentivizes Americans from going back to work.

Negotiations on Monday signaled that they have made progress hashing out differences between Republicans and Democrats proposals for the next bill. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said that she’s hopeful a deal could be reached this week.

“It was productive, we’re moving down the track,” Pelosi told reporters after the meeting in her Capitol Hill office. “But we still have our differences. We’re trying to have a clearer understanding of what the needs are.”

However, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) insisted that the Democrats are demanding too much.

“The Speaker of the House and the Democratic Leader are continuing to say ‘our way or the highway’ with a massive wish list for left-wing lobbyists that was slapped together a few weeks ago called a coronavirus bill,” McConnell said.

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