President Donald Trump warned attendees on Saturday that a Democratic victory in 2020 could “leave Israel out there,” and reminded his audience of recent anti-semitic comments from Democrats.

He said: “Never before has a major political party been more outside the American mainstream than the Democrats of today. They have become the party of high taxes, open borders, late-term abortion, crime witch hunts and delusions. And now the Democrats have even allowed the terrible scourge of anti-Semitism to take root in their party and in their country. They have allowed that. They have allowed that.”

Speaking at the annual meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition, the president highlighted his actions in support of the Jewish Nation.

President Trump said: “I also took another historic action that had been decades in waiting. The United States recognized the true capital of Israel and opened the American embassy in Jerusalem.”

The Republican Jewish Coalition, backed by GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson, supported Trump’s 2016 campaign and is preparing to spend millions on his 2020 effort.

President Trump said: “Finally to every member of the Republican Jewish Coalition—thank you for your incredible support and your outstanding commitment to our country, to our safety and to electing more Republicans. We need more Republicans. Let’s go so we can win everything.”

Jewish voters in the US have traditionally sided heavily with Democrats—and are often ideologically liberal—but Republicans are hoping to narrow the gap next year, in part as the president cites actions that he says demonstrate support for Israel.


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