Former Vice President Joe Biden joked with his donors how the money his son was paid in China has disappeared into thin air. Others don’t see the matter as a laughing one.

President Trump created an uproar when he told reporters on Oct. 4 that Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden earned “billions of dollars” from Communist China. Furthermore, he made the suggestion someone should investigate the Bidens.

On Wednesday, Joe Biden said the president should be impeached, but the president ignored his comments, telling reporters the Biden campaign is all but finished.

“Biden is dropping like a rock, I don’t think he’s gonna make it,” said the president. He is sympathetic toward Biden acknowledging Biden is under a lot of pressure.

“I feel badly for him, because I know he’s going through a lot, he’s been hit, and he’s been caught red-handed. Here’s a man who is on tape saying exactly what he is gonna do in terms of corruption, and he gets away with it. If that ever happened to a Republican, they’d be getting the electric chair right now.”

 Trump said at the White House, in reference to the recording of Biden boasting he had the Ukrainian prosecutor fired by threatening to otherwise withhold funding. “I don’t think he’s going to make it,” said the president.

“Likewise, China should start an investigation into the Bidens because what happened in China is just about as bad as what happened with Ukraine,” Trump said.

“I’m sure that President Xi does not like being under that kind of scrutiny where billions of dollars is taken out of his country by a guy that just got kicked out of the Navy,” he added of Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Hunter Biden. “He got kicked out of the Navy, all of a sudden he’s getting billions of dollars. You know what they call that? They call that a payoff.”

Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden at a campaign event, on Oct. 9, 2019, in Rochester, N.H. (Elise Amendola/AP Photo)

Biden made a joke of the money on the same day at a fundraiser hosted by Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, “He said my son made a billion dollars in China. I don’t know where the hell it is.”

He made a similar jest with donors at a fundraiser in San Francisco. “I wonder where the hell that money is man, because I’ve got to pay tuitions. God bless me!”

Hunter Biden graduated from Georgetown University and Yale Law School, was discharged from the Navy Reserve in 2014 for testing positive to cocaine.

He has connections to Patrick Ho, a high-ranking Chinese businessman who was charged by the Justice Department with global corruption and bribery in 2017, reported the Washington Examiner.

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