President Donald Trump said on Wednesday, Oct. 2, that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff should resign from Congress. President  Trump said that Schiff might have committed a “criminal act” in relaying Trump’s conversation with President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to the public.

Speaking to reporters, the president said: “He went up to a microphone and in front of the American people and in Congress, he went out and he, he gave a whole presentation of words that the president of the United States never said. It has to be a criminal act; it has to be. And he should resign. And some people even say it was treason, but it was a very sad thing.”

President Trump insists Schiff’s recounting of the call is a “total lie” and a “total fabrication.”

“He took that perfect conversation I had with the Ukrainian president, and he made it into a total lie. It was a total fabrication. And you do admit that. It was a total fabrication. He said this is what, and the only ones that don’t like my conversation are the ones that never read it, but they heard Shifty Schiff. That’s what I call a lie. And because of the fact that he’s, he’s lying about the president of the United States as to what the president says, you know, believe it or not, I watch my words very carefully,” President  Trump added.

Schiff “relayed a call that didn’t take place,” the president said. “This is a fraudulent crime on the American people”

“Well, I always cooperate. This is a hoax. This is the greatest hoax, this is just a continuation of what’s been playing out, John, for the last, since my election, I would say if you want, and probably, we’ll find out soon but probably even before my election. This is a fraudulent crime on the American people, but we’ll work together with “shifty shift” and Pelosi and all of them, and we’ll see what happens because we did absolutely, I had a great call with the president of Ukraine, it was 100 percent, you have the transcript, and then Schiff went up, and he got, as the chairman of the committee, got up and relayed a call that didn’t take place. He made up the language, hard to believe. Nobody’s ever seen this. I think he had some kind of a mental breakdown,” the president said.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) declared on Wednesday that he signed a resolution censuring House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) for conducting a fabricated conversation between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

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