At the G-20 summit held from June 29 to June 29 in Osaka, Japan, several important issues were discussed, including Venezuela, the South American country that under the socialist Nicolás Maduro regime has been plunged into an unprecedented social, political, and economic crisis.

One of the leaders most concerned about the issue and Venezuelan citizens is U.S. President Donald Trump, who nevertheless said he does not want to get too involved in Venezuela, apparently referring to a military intervention.

However, President Trump clarified that he has “five different strategies” regarding that country and could “change tactics at any time,” according to VOA.

In a press conference at the end of his participation in the G-20 summit, President Trump said he had talked about Venezuela “with almost every leader” he met, because nobody wants what is happening there to be repeated in their own country.

“Too many people are leaving Venezuela, Venezuela is going to be a ghost town,” Trump said.

“I have five different strategies… We have a lot of plans in case it has to come to that. We don’t want to get involved to the point that you might be thinking,” he said, apparently in reference to a military intervention.

“But we have many alternatives, we have five different alternatives for Venezuela and we will see what happens. (Venezuela) is in a very bad place, Maduro is in a bad place,” he added.

However, he did not specify what those five different alternatives would be for the South American country.

Trump discussed Venezuela during his bilateral meetings this Friday with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, and then said that achieving a peaceful transition in that country “takes time.”

Five months ago the United States recognized as legitimate president the president-in-charge and opposition leader Juan Guaidó, but he has not yet been able to displace Maduro and the faction he still leads.

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