President Donald Trump gave a brief interview to the Washington Examiner on Friday, Nov. 13, and was optimistic about the legal challenges he and his team are taking on because of the presidential election results in key states, after several dozen people stepped forward and presented concrete evidence of fraud and irregularities in the election.

Currently, President Trump’s legal team and his campaign are rejecting the results from the states of Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan and in each of these states, they have filed lawsuits for various irregularities and concrete fraud to manipulate the results in favor of the Democratic candidate.

President Trump said, “We’re going to win Wisconsin. Arizona—it’ll be down to 8,000 votes, and if we can do an audit of the millions of votes, we’ll find 8,000 votes easy. If we can do an audit, we’ll be in good shape there.”

And then he also said “Georgia, we’re going to win,” he continued, “because now, we’re down to about 10,000, 11,000 votes, and we have hand-counting”—a reference to the coming recount. “Hand counting is the best. To do a spin of the machine doesn’t mean anything. You pick up 10 votes. But when you hand count—I think we’re going to win Georgia.”

The Decision Desk projected President Trump as the winner of North Carolina but the president made a joke, “Unless they happen to find a lot of votes. I said, ‘When are they going to put in the new votes in North Carolina? When are they going to find a batch from Charlotte?'”

The president’s joke, of course, is based on the sad reality of the American elections, plagued by fraud and irregularities, the most notable case being the use of Dominion Voting System machines, which were recently reported to be connected to the Internet and the renowned lawyer Lin Wood directly accused the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) of having materially interfered with the results.

According to analysis by technology experts who ran a simulation, more than 3 million votes from Trump were changed to Biden or deleted. Proving this fraud will be the big challenge for the Trump team.

The president was able to use his Twitter account to highlight these allegations.

Trump also referred to the states of Michigan and Pennsylvania. “The two big states. They’re all sort of big. They wouldn’t let our poll watchers and observers watch or observe. That’s a big thing. They should throw those votes out that went through during those periods of time when [Trump observers] weren’t there. We went to court, and the judge ordered [the observers] back, but that was after two days, and millions of votes could have gone through. Millions. And we’re down 50,000.”

President Trump remains optimistic that he will win re-election, “Now I see evidence, and we have hundreds of affidavits.”

The challenge is enormous, the giants of Silicon Valley with big corporate media, even some “conservatives” who have turned against him, flood social media, newspapers, TV, radio, with negative propaganda, and really not only convince ordinary people that it’s all over for PresidentTrump, but also make those freedom-loving people who are not just Americans, but people all over the world, doubt it.

But President Trump doesn’t hesitate and in fact bets higher. He said this will be over in maybe two or three weeks and sent a message to the massive fake news apparatus, “Never bet against me.”

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