The world peace and the rule of law are being threatened by Communist China and President Donald Trump can impose discipline on the “bad actors” with a solution from the Reagan/Soviet era, according to a commentary in The Washington Times by Lewis K. Uhler, founder and chairman of the National Tax Limitation Committee and Foundation, and Peter J. Ferrara, senior policy adviser for the foundation and teacher of economics at Kings College in New York.

“As the baseless impeachment proceedings grind on, the president is demonstrating his leadership and negotiating skills with the first steps of a trade deal with China,” Uhler and Ferrara wrote on the commentary published on Dec. 23. 

They recommended that the United States should “deal firmly with and recognize the commitment to communism” of the Chinese leadership, including President Xi Jinping. The authors then mentioned some notorious behavior in Beijing, including its interference in Taiwan, crackdown on Hong Kong protesters, suppression of religious freedom in mainland China, and its military dominance in the South China Sea.

“These communists are China’s bad actors,” wrote Uhler and Ferrara, referring to the opinion of Roger Robinson Jr., a former national security adviser to President Ronald Reagan.

Robinson explained that the involvement of China in capital markets in the United States had allowed Beijing violations, such as continuing the theft from American companies, its persecution of its own people, and even expanding its control with facial imaging techniques.

“This sounds difficult to believe but it is an empirical fact: The majority of American investors are unwittingly funding Chinese concentration camps, weapons systems for the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA), and more,” Robinson is quoted in the writing of Uhler and Ferrara.

The two authors expressed their support for the calling of Robinson to stop China by capital-access controls. They explained, “This is possible through the no-nonsense trade and financial restrictions Mr. Trump has imposed as part of his tough foreign and trade policies.”

Uhler and Ferrara suggested, “Mr. Trump’s careful integration of foreign policy objectives with trade negotiations and financial disciplines/capital controls that are keeping our adversaries off balance and improving world peace, as Ronald Reagan did before him with the Soviet Union.”

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