The media often ask questions that are easy to answer for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, and President Donald Trump questions this procedure.

“Take a look at those questions that they ask him. They were not meant for a grown-up. They were meant for a child,” President Trump questioned reporters according to Townhall of Sept. 4.

One of those controversial questions was asked by a reporter from The Atlantic, the media outlet that attacked President Trump using anonymous sources, accusing him of insulting the fallen soldiers of World War I.

“What does it tell you about President Trump’s soul and the life he leads,” the reporter asked Biden, referring to that controversial accusation.

“What kind of question is this?” asked News Busters Editor-in-Chief Curtis Houck in one of his tweets and added the corresponding video.

It was an elementary and seemingly opportune question for Biden to badmouth President Trump, according to Washington Examiner senior political correspondent Byron York, who also attached a list of typical questions prepared for Biden.

“Many of the questions for Joe Biden after his remarks today consisted of reporters asking Biden to elaborate on how bad Trump is. A list (not exact quotes),” tweeted York.

Other questions concerned issues such as the QAnon movement, Trump’s resistance to wearing a face mask, and why he was not angrier with the president, questions whose answers presented no challenge, according to Townhall.

The Hill in one of its articles called the press “toothless guard dogs” for serving “softball questions” to Biden, according to the New York Post.

This form of journalism prompted a reaction from several of the surfers, who offered their opinions on the subject.

“These reporters just don’t take their jobs seriously enough,” tweeted @ProcReg.

“I made that observation early on, too. The questions were helping Biden to get his lines in,” contributed user @Karen10304.

“If the media had any shame they would resign in embarrassment en masse,” said user @reddotinaustin.

Biden is apparently unable to call reporters himself and struggles to read a teleprompter, as Townhall mentions. For that reason, his campaign assistants rely on an approved list of screened reporters to decide which one can ask a question, assuming the questions are screened in advance, the Twonhall reported.