President Donald Trump announced the Platinum Plan that will promote the prosperity of African Americans by providing $500 billion in capital to invest in their communities. 

This plan will provide 3 million jobs for African Americans, plus 500,000 new businesses they will own, and opportunity, security, prosperity, and justice for their communities, President Trump said in Atlanta,Georgia, during a campaign tour on Sept. 25. 

President Trump also stated that lynching is classified as a national hate crime, and that antifa and the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) organizations are designated as terrorists. 

Trump also noted the Democrats’ behavior toward the African American community, to whom they did not deliver.

“For decades, Democrat politicians like Joe Biden have taken black voters for granted. They made you big promises before every election—and then the moment they got to Washington, they abandoned you and sold you out,” Trump said in his Atlanta speech. 

They made big promises to them before every election and then, the minute they got to Washington, they abandoned them and sold them out,” President Trump said in his Atlanta speech. 

The benefits will also cover religion, health, and education. The Platinum Plan will allow parents to choose which schools their children will attend, and churches will be able to access federal funds. 

These opportunities offered by President Trump to African American communities are part of the policies he has pursued throughout his tenure at the White House. 

Gianno Caldwell, an African American political analyst and Fox News contributor, made this clear in an article in the New York Post on July 4.  

“African Americans were experiencing the best economy we have ever seen: unemployment for our racial group was the lowest in history and black wages were rising rapidly for the first time in decades,” Caldwell shared.

“People who had been out of work for a long time were being hired and suddenly could take their families on vacation for the first time in years,” he added, referring to the situation earlier this year.

He later said that the causes that allowed this financial relief for African Americans in the United States were the decisions made by President Trump.

“Tax cuts and skyrocketing GDP growth meant that businesses felt financially stable for the first time in a decade and public confidence in our economy has never been higher,” was part of Caldwell’s writing.

President Trump’s recent executive order for police reform, the First Step Act, released thousands of people from jail and of those released 90 percent were black.

Thus, it is not surprising that African American support for Trump has skyrocketed.

Considering that in 2016 9% of African Americans voted for President Trump, that figure has now more than doubled to 19 percent, according to data cited by Townhall on Sept. 24.  

According to a report by Main St.-K St. IntelligenSEER, this increased support by African American voters could mean a definitive victory in President Trump’s re-election on Nov. 3.