So far, several people are suing for fraud during the Nov. 3 election and then it will be President Donald Trump who will present what he calls “Our Big Cases,” he announced in a tweet.

“Many of the court cases being filed all over the Country are not ours, but rather those of people that have seen horrible abuses,” President Trump wrote.

“Our big cases showing the unconstitutionality of the 2020 Election, & the outrage of things that were done to change the outcome, will soon be filed!” he concluded.

The Trump campaign gathered evidence of numerous irregularities in the election process, and sued in states including Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, and Nevada.

In addition, according to law enforcement investigations, an alleged international election monitoring network also infiltrated the illegal attempt to make Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden the president.

This network supposedly caused enormous damage by transferring votes from President Trump to candidate Biden, and just deleted millions of them, as Trump said on Nov. 12, citing the OAN media.

“Report: Dominion deleted 2.7 million Trump votes nationwide. Data analysis finds that 221,000 Pennsylvania votes switched from President Trump to Biden. 941,000 Trump votes were deleted,” he resubmitted. 

“States using the Dominion voting system switched 435,000 votes from Trump to Biden,” Trump reported.

So far the case involving Dominion Ballot Counting Systems, which was hired to count the votes, appears to be the most serious, and involves Democratic Party leaders and even the Communist Party of China (CCP).

The husband of Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Richard Blum, who has a long history of relations with the CCP, owns a large part of the Dominion company. 

Renowned lawyer Lin Wood, a contributor to the Trump 2020 campaign legal team, pointed out that the CCP tried to undermine the presidential election.

“Fundamental rule of war is to identify the enemy. Our country is at war with Communist China. A war of good v. evil. China attacked us with Covid—a biological weapon,” Wood said. 

“Covid was excuse to control our lifestyles. Dominion was Communist voting system used to control our election,” Wood added on Twitter.

In the meantime, President Trump is exploring all relevant legal mechanisms to ensure that Americans have transparency in the electoral process and their choice on who will be their president is not flouted.

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