President Donald Trump announced that he will financially assist in the recovery of Kenosha, Wisconsin, which was devastated by the riots caused by police wounding African American Jacob Blake on Aug. 23.

The $47 million pledged by President Trump will benefit businesses destroyed by the fires and looting, other victims, and city and state law enforcement agencies, according to the Washington Examiner of Sept. 1.

“I’m also providing nearly $4 million to support the small businesses that I talked about today that got burned up, burned down,” Trump said in reporting the distribution of the money.

Trump made the announcement during his visit to Kenosha on Sept. 1, and during a meeting attended by top city officials, a sample of which is featured in the following White House video.

Also, the assistant to the president and deputy chief of staff for communications since 2020, Dan Scavino, published some photos of the reception made by the citizens of Kenosha for Trump.

For Trump, the safety of Americans is crucial, and he finds that it is the areas run by Democratic governors and mayors that suffer most from violence.

The death of African American George Floyd on May 25 sparked numerous protests that should have been peaceful but ended up causing serious damage in many cities across the country.

The protests turned into serious riots and were led by the Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the anarchist group antifa.

Certain facts show that these are not spontaneous acts arising from the discontent of citizens, but respond to strongly financed anarchist agendas.

For example, actor James Woods, a big supporter of President Trump, shows the high-end buses used by BLM members to transport themselves around the country.

“Tell me this is a spontaneous “movement.” Do you know what those buses cost?” Woods tweeted.

Another Twitter user suggested that the buses could be contributed by basketball players linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or by the billionaire financier of leftist groups, George Soros.

“Busses purchased by basketball teams who are most likely on CCP payroll. Soros most likely funds antifa. Dems are most likely on CCP payroll and release prisoners as needed. #followthemoney” tweeted @anonanonwego1.