President Donald Trump said he is open to the possibility of releasing a transcript of another phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy that preceded the July conversation between the two leaders that triggered House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry.

“I had a second call with the president which actually, I believe, came before this one, and now they all want that one. And if they want it, I’ll give it to them,” President Trump told reporters outside the White House on Friday, Nov. 8. “I haven’t seen it recently, but I’ll give it to them.”

President Trump appeared to be referring to an April call shortly after Zelenskiy had been elected and said he would release a readout of the call if Democrats demand it as part of their ongoing impeachment inquiry.

“What they want is they want my first phone call. I had another phone call, and it’s a very important phone call, and it came to my attention last night that they want the first phone call,” President Trump said. “They found out there’s another phone call, and that’s the first phone call. And they want it released, and we’re considering that.”

The White House released the transcript of the July phone call in late September following allegation from an anonymous whistleblower who accused President Trump of forcing Zelenskiy to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son in exchange for military aid.

Both Presidents Trump and Zelenskiy denied any wrongdoing on the call. President Trump said the phone call is “perfect” while Zelenskiy said there was “no blackmail” during the call.

House Democrats are ratcheting up aggressively their inquiry, announcing that public impeachment hearings would be held next week. President Trump slammed the Democrat-brewed process for violating his due process rights.

“It was just explained to me that for next week’s Fake Hearing [trial] in the House, as they interview Never Trumpers and others, I get NO LAWYER & NO DUE PROCESS,” the president wrote in a tweet on Thursday, Nov. 7. “It is a [Nancy] Pelosi, [Adam] Schiff, Scam against the Republican Party and me. This Witch Hunt should not be allowed to proceed!”

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