After being hospitalized for contracting the CCP Virus, President Donald Trump appeared again on Saturday, Oct.10 in front of a crowd on the White House grounds. His speech was shorter than usual but equally powerful in its message, insisting on his values of preserving law and order and warning of the advance of socialism if the Democrats should win in November.

President Trump spoke for 18 minutes, was very energetic and completely recovered from the aftermath of the CCP Virus that kept him in hospital for four days last weekend. 

He spent much of his speech warning about the threat of the Democrats, with Biden as president, coming to power. He warned of a disaster, both in the cities and in the exploitation of resources, energy, and education in case the Democrats return to power. 

“We cannot allow our country to become a socialist nation, we cannot allow that to happen, and that is what would happen or worse,” said President Trump, as reported by Fox News.

His speech was in line with the position he has held firmly over the past few months, as the only candidate who guarantees law and order that will protect the police and restore order where there has been unrest and an increase in violence and serious crime.

In contrast, when speaking about his Democratic opponent Joe Biden, he accused him of trying to withdraw funds from the police, following the guidelines promoted by extreme left groups like the BLM that are publicly sympathetic to the Democratic candidate. 

With today’s public event, President Trump announced a return to his heavy presidential schedule in the last stretch before the election in just three weeks. 

President Trump again said he was “feeling great” about his health, was very grateful for the good wishes and prayers of the people as he recovered, and also declared himself hopeful that the pandemic is disappearing in the United States.

Because several infections of the virus were reported after President Trump’s last public appearance, care was stepped up today. Those attending the speech were asked to bring masks and those who did not have them were given one. They also had to complete a health questionnaire and have their temperatures checked. Strict adherence to Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines was sought, including the use of masks and social distance.

The CDC states that people who suffered from the CCP Virus with mild to moderate symptoms remain infectious for up to 10 days after the onset of symptoms. In the president’s case, on Oct. 1she already had confirmation of having the virus, so it is estimated that he should have had it a few days earlier. Only people who suffered severe symptoms can remain infectious longer, said Fox News.

The president’s doctor, Navy Commander Sean Conley, who signed a memo released Thursday announcing that the president no longer had any symptoms and was fit to resume public duties as of this weekend, added that President Trump showed no evidence that his illness was progressing or adverse reactions to the aggressive course of therapy he has received.

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