President Donald Trump visits Pennsylvania’s Petrochemicals Complex on Tuesday to help strengthen and give the American people more and more jobs. The President arrived in Monaca, about 40 minutes north of Pittsburgh, on Tuesday, Aug. 14 to tour Shell’s soon-to-be-completed Pennsylvania Petrochemicals Complex.

President Trump tweeted after leaving the complex how incredible it was and many jobs to come from it. He retweeted Team Trump’s tweet,  “Today, President @realDonaldTrump will tour and deliver remarks at Shell Pennsylvania Petrochemicals Complex! This is the largest private investment in Pennsylvania since WWII. Since the president took office, $500B has been invested in the private sector! #JOBS #JOBS #JOBS.”||1e0971c71__

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The president spoke to reporters in Monaca, “These folks are from Shell and this is a plant like no other, it’s just incredible.” The president said the plant will open over the next six, seven months. He said, “It will start to open in phases and then over the next year and a half it’ll be totally open.”  President Trump also pointed out the “tremendous employment” as a result of the project.

Today, Beaver County is still struggling to recover from the shuttering of steel plants in the 1980s that surged the unemployment rate to nearly 30%. Former mill towns like Aliquippa have seen their populations shrink, while Pittsburgh has lured major tech companies like Google and Uber, fueling an economic renaissance. The focus of this incredibly important project was for the Trump administration to support and help the economy in Pennsylvania. The company was given tax breaks to build the petrochemicals complex, along with a $10 million site development grant, with local politicians to help build up the industry once more.

President Trump retweeted the White House’s official tweet Tuesday, “The Trump Economy is delivering incredible results for the blue-collar workers who need it most. In case you missed it.”




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