President Donald Trump’s withdrawal of forces from Syria has been a long time in coming and America needs to return to traditional foreign policy. 

Rep. Warren Davidson (R-Ohio) has expressed his support on the decision to withdraw U.S. forces from Syria made by the president, saying that it is a beginning to the end of “endless wars.”

In his article published on The American Conservative on Thursday, Oct. 17, Davidson wrote, “The neocon consensus has brought nothing but disaster. If the president wants to chart another course, we should support him.”

“President Donald Trump’s withdrawal of forces from Syria and elsewhere is appropriate and long overdue,” wrote Davidson.

Davidson described President Trump’s decision as “a rejection of the neoconservative doctrine, which has contributed to the broken state of affairs in the Middle East.”

Davidson pointed out that the United States had “a clear cause for war in Afghanistan” after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. “But that doesn’t explain why we needed to get militarily involved in Iraq or Syria.” Davidson argued.

Davidson wrote: “More wars in more places do not make America more secure. The neoconservative consensus has left America less free, less safe, and burdened by unprecedented debt.”

Davidson asserted: “At some point, we must restore America’s foreign policy to more limited objectives. President Trump bringing our troops home is an essential and important step in this process.” 

“We should take President Trump’s more restrained foreign policy as a new beginning for American diplomacy,” Davidson called.

“Perhaps Congress will even muster the resolve to openly debate and declare America’s wars, rather than relying on an 18-year-old authorization for use of military force. In the meantime, America’s military will rest, retool, and prepare for the future.”