President Donald Trump during the White House press conference on Saturday, April 18, issued a warning to Americans, saying that if the apparent Democratic nominee Joe Biden wins the 2020 election, the United States will fall into the hands of China.

“If Sleep Joe Biden wins … China will own the United States,” the president said.

President Trump restated his comments that he made earlier in the day in response to the former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright.

“We’ll have to remain vigilant against progressive treachery. And we’ll have to shut them down through better arguments, better organization, and grass-roots engagement with our friends and neighbors. It’ll be a battle for the hearts and the minds of every single voter,” Wright, a Democrat, wrote in a tweet.

“That means next Nov is the most important election of our lives. America loses if Biden wins,” he added. “Joe is compromised by his continued denials of the threat China poses, plus his own family’s corrupt ties to Beijing (eg-Hunter’s receipt of $1.5B in 2013.).”

Hunter Biden’s company became a partner with a private equity firm called Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co. after he accompanied his father on an official visit to China in December 2013.

The Biden family has denied any ties between the vice president’s visit and his son’s business. However, a BHR representative said earlier this year that Hunter used the opportunity to introduce his father to Chinese private equity executive Jonathan Li, who later became CEO of BHR.

Hunter Biden owns 10% of the firm, which is funded and controlled primarily by Chinese government-owned shareholders, according to The Wall Street Journal. 

After his controversial business dealings in Ukraine emerged, Hunter Biden promised in October 2019 that he would resign from the board of BHR Partners, but The Daily Caller revealed this week that business records showed he is still listed on the board and retains a 10% stake in the firm.

Hunter Biden also had ties with Chinese energy tycoon Ye Jianning, the head of CEFC China energy. He agreed to represent Ye Jianning’s associate Patrick Ho, a high-ranking Chinese businessman, who was charged by the Justice Department with global corruption in 2017 for a bribery scheme aimed at government officials in Africa, assisting Iranian sanctions evasion, and using the Chinese company’s connections to sell weaponry to Chad, Libya, and Qatar. Jianning was detained by Chinese authorities in February 2018 for corruption investigation.

Joe Biden, who remains soft toward Beijing since his time as vice president, repeatedly dismissed the economic threat posed by China. 

“China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man,” Biden said last summer in Iowa. “They’re not bad folks, folks. … They’re not competition for us.”