On Tuesday, President Donald J. Trump previewed the next chapter of his presidency.

“The agenda I will lay out this evening is not a Republican agenda or a Democrat agenda,” the President told Congress as he opened his second State of the Union address. “It’s the agenda of the American people.” What unites most of our citizens isn’t political party—it’s complete awe and frustration at Washington’s decades of dysfunction.

Americans watching at home agreed. Three-quarters of them approved of the President’s speech, according to a CBS News poll conducted last night. Even more revealing, a full 82 percent of independents endorsed President Trump’s message.

That makes the choice clear for our leaders in Congress and across government: Voters will reward results over resistance. Compromise can rebuild trust in a broken system. Pointless destruction and gridlock won’t—and both come with a steep political price.

Choosing greatness is a vision that can break decades of political stalemate. It’s an agenda that all Americans, Republican or Democrat, can get behind:

1.A booming economy can continue to lift up all working people.

2. Congress should champion a safe, legal immigration system.

3. We can invest in real infrastructure that leaves no community behind.

4. New trade deals will ensure that no country exploits our workers.

5. Washington must rein in the outrageous price of prescription drugs.

6. America will rebuild its military while ending the cycle of endless wars.

7. We must support working parents and protect the gift of life.

8. From criminal justice reform to opioids, let’s embrace bipartisan success.

9. Both parties can be guided by a shared vision of American greatness.

Video: President Donald Trump-The State of the Union-Highlights