The president participated in an Town Hall with the ABC network in Pennsylvania on Sept. 14 and answered questions from the audience, one of which was related to the president’s type of leadership, his way of responding or interacting, Breitbart reported.

Jim from Pittsburgh asked, “At times, some have called your behavior not presidential. What if anything would you do differently if re-elected to create a more unified message, where all sides can take responsibility for their actions, and come together to make positive change?”

Trump responded, “I’m fighting a lot of forces. Sometimes you don’t have time to be totally, as you would say, ‘presidential.’” Trump added to the concept, “The fact is, being presidential is easier than what I have to do, but I get things done.”

Trump backed up his response by naming some of his campaign achievements in record time, less than four years, “I think I have done more than any other president in three and a half years, when you look at what we’ve done for tax cuts, regulations cuts, the vets, we rebuild our military, we created a space force, and I mean we did so many things.”

The president also mentioned that before the end of his first term, there will be more than 300 new federal judges, including a court of appeals and two supreme court justices.

Last week, two Muslim-majority Arab nations, the United Arab Emirates, and the Kingdom of Bahrain, signed peace treaties with Israel resuming diplomatic relations, which is paving the road for peace in the Middle East. 

Similarly, President Trump initiated the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan after nearly two decades thanks to peace negotiations between the Afghan government and Taliban leaders, led by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. In Iraq, they also reduced their presence after having almost eliminated ISIS in the region.

The president also mentioned “the forces” he has to deal with, “I am fighting a battle. It’s a big battlefield, and I have a lot of forces against me. I have the media, which I call fake news because many of them are false.”

According to a study by NewsBusters, a media watchdog, 90% of news coverage of the Trump administration in 2018 by the mainstream media was negative. 

And certainly positive news such as the signing of peace treaties in the Middle East being reported on CNN as an event with “little social distancing” with “large crowds” diverting viewers’ attention away from the main focus: that President Trump achieved something good for the world. 

At the end of his response the president also explained why many officials are replaced on the fly, or why many of them resign: “Honestly, we move very fast, and I have to get rid of people fast because they’re not doing their job. I could tell of people who were not doing their jobs. And when I do that to get somebody else that is good and they don’t do it, we get rid of that person. We do a lot of things and we have to get them done.”