President Donald Trump has used his address in Pennsylvania to explain why the Paris Climate Accord is not good for the United States, while attacking Democrats for pushing hard the Green New Deal and ignoring the fact that the United States is the top energy producer.

In a speech at Shell Pennsylvania Petrochemicals Complex on Aug. 12, President Trump asserted that the United States is not only unleashing American energy, but also restoring the glory of American manufacturing.

Under his administration, with ‘Buy American’ and ‘Hire American’ agenda, the United States today has almost 160 million workers, more than at any time in the history. 

Despite exceptional progress, “some politicians in this country still want to keep America’s vast energy treasures buried deep underground and let other nations take advantage of our country,” President Trump said.

The president was targeting the Democrats who he said “are pushing hard for the Green New Deal”—a bill with the costs proposed at $94 trillion for 10 years.

He said Democrats in Congress see energy factories not as a cause for celebration, but for condemnation, though the United States has become the No. 1 energy producer following the recent revolution in American energy.

President Trump, by the way, made clear that his administration withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord because the United States is sitting on the planet’s greatest treasure, which needs processing through fracking technology.

“We have this unbelievable—the greatest in the world. We have the greatest resources, which really came about over the last few years. Nobody knew this. Fracking made it possible. Other new technologies made it possible. And now we’re the No. 1— think of it, as I said—the No. 1 energy producer in the world,” he said.

President Trump said the Paris Accord would take away the wealth of the United States.

“It wasn’t for us; it was good for others. It wasn’t for us. We had to pay money to other countries that are very substantial countries. They wanted to take away your wealth. They didn’t want you to drill. They didn’t want you to frack. They didn’t want you to do steel. They wanted to take away your wealth,” the president explained.

President Trump also compared the United States with China, which he has blamed for creating a “hoax” with the concept of “global warming” in order to make U.S. manufacturing noncompetitive.

“You go to places like China, they don’t have oil and gas. They don’t have it under their – they have to go buy it and then they devalue their currency and manipulate their currency. And that costs them a fortune to go out and buy it. They hurt themselves in the long run. But they’re devaluing all over the place, as others are,” he said.

The president criticized Democrats, including two presidential candidates Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren, for promoting to eliminate coal and oil while allowing China to steal jobs.

“And other radical plans to wipe out our coal. That’s what they want. They want to wipe out our oil. They want to wipe out our natural gas industries, while allowing other countries to steal our jobs,” he said.

“Virtually every leading Democrat has vowed to eliminate fossil fuels, obliterating millions of American jobs, devastating communities, and bankrupting factories, families, and senior citizens all across this region,” he continued.

President Trump then compared the far-left’s energy bill to the failure lesson of New York. He said both New York and Pennsylvania have vast energy reserves, but New York prohibits development while Pennsylvania welcomes it. As a result, natural gas production plummeted by nearly 70 percent from 2010 to 2017 in New York, but soared almost 1,000 percent in Pennsylvania. 

“The radical left wants to do to America what they’ve done to New York: raise prices, kill jobs, and leave our nation less independent and far less secure,” he said.

President Trump repeated that the United States is pursuing a future of energy independence, because it has own oil and gas.

“Instead of relying on foreign countries, we are now relying on American producers. And we are relying on American workers to build our own future right here on American soil. It’s time,” he said, adding that his administration would defend the oil and gas workers who light up cities and uplift communities.

“Our vision is pro-worker, pro-jobs, pro-family, pro-growth, pro-energy, and 100 percent pro-American,” he said. “And the hearts of our workers, the American spirit, is soaring higher, stronger, freer, and greater than ever before.”||6ab8322d5__

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