A study published by the Media Research Center, states that 1 in 6 Biden voters would have changed their vote if the mass media had not hidden the information about corruption in the Biden family until after the election. 

According to a recent report by Neon Nettle, the Media Research Center conducted an interesting survey of 1,750 participants in seven swing states. It found that 1 in 6 who voted for Joe Biden would have changed their vote if they had known the news that the mass media did not cover the Biden family corruption scandals.

Media Research Center concluded that if that figure had been applied nationally, it would have changed 17% of the vote and Trump would have won the election much more easily.

The greatest power the media has is to ignore stories and deprive the public of the information they have a right to receive so that they can make informed decisions.

When allegations of corruption against Hunter Biden surfaced in the run-up to the election, following the New York Post’s news coverage, mainstream media was completely silent on the issue and was busy filling its spaces with any information that would distract its audience from the aberrant stories of Hunter Biden doing illegal business overseas under his father’s protection.

Social networks were also complicit in the lies and concealment, both the Twitter and Facebook platforms. at the center of criticism from conservatives and journalists who fought for the truth in the weeks leading up to the election.

As reported by Fox News, the social media giants not only prevented the sharing of the Post articles showing the Hunter Biden scandals, but directly blocked the account of the Post, refusing to unblock it unless the media removed six network postings about its reports about Biden’s son.

The improper profits and dirty deals abroad involving the Biden family were not known to a large part of the voting public as they headed to the polls for the presidential election.

The few media outlets that talked about the issue did so minimally and only to discredit the news and accuse it of being right-wing extremism or a supposed conspiracy theory. 

Given the abundant information that supports the accusations, added to the confirmation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware that it was investigating the tax affairs of Hunter Biden and his shady foreign businesses, as far back as 2018, the most important media had no choice but to start talking about the case. Of course, the damage was already done and the election was over.

All this leads us to affirm that the election of President Trump was not only stolen by the amount of confirmed fraudulent votes that seek to give the victory to the Democratic candidate Biden. It was also stolen by the systematic and perfectly organized actions of the most important media, which were bent on censorship, lies, and hiding the truth of the facts. 

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