President Trump on Sunday, July 21, took to twitter to congratulate Benjamin Netanyahu to become the longest -serving prime minister of Israel after he officially passed Israel founding father David Ben Gurion. 

Netanyahu later thanked President Trump, tweeting, “Thank you, President Trump, for your warm words, outstanding support & incredible friendship. I’m honored to have the opportunity to work with you. Under your leadership, we’ve made the alliance between our two remarkable countries stronger than ever. I know there’s more to come.”

Netanyahu on Saturday officially surpassed the numbers of days as prime minister held by Ben Gurion, Israle’s first prime minister who served in office for 4,875 days, from the founding of the country in May 1948 until early 1954, and from November 1955 to June 1963, according to Israel National News.

Netanyahu was first elected in 1996 as the youngest prime minster of the country. He served from 1996 to 1999 and from 2009 to the presence.  

Since Trump took office, Netanyahu has established a very strong relationship with the United States and with President Trump himself.

President Trump broke previous U.S. presidents’ policy over Israel. In 2017, President Trump acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem May 2018. President Trump also recognized the Golan Heights as Israeli in March 2019. 

In June Netanyahu named a new settlement after President Trump in a gesture to honor him for his decision to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the territory, called “Ramat Trump” meaning “Trump Heights” in Hebrew.

Early this month, an Israeli city also named a traffic roundabout after President Trump to thank him for his support for the country.

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