Donald Trump Jr., [Don Jr.] the oldest son of President Donald Trump, noted, “Donald Trump is the first guy to actually stand up to China [the CCP],” while “Biden is basically owned by China.”

Don Jr. drew this parallel between the two U.S. presidential candidates when considering the relationship between America and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) before Fox business “Mornings with Maria” audience on June 30, according to Breitbart. 

“We need someone who really has the guts to do something, not just talk about it, and that’s Donald Trump,” emphasized the president’s oldest son, who outlined the situation with the CCP.

“The reality is that the world has seen the threat that China [CCP] is. We have to stand up … to them,” reiterated Don Jr.

He also recapitulated former Vice President and Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s words and attitudes as weak, unconvincing, and not indicative of taking the CCP as the threat it really is to the whole world.

“We need someone who is not just a puppet like Joe Biden to go against China [CCP],” Don Jr. said.

He recalled the big business of Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, who has been involved in scandalous trade plots that he agreed to when his father was the vice president. 

“His son has taken billions, in terms of investment, you know the 2 and 20 fund structure where he’s making $30 million a year,” described Don Jr.

Donald John Trump Jr. is an American businessman, economist, and television personality and he is strongly committed to his father’s campaign for re-election as president of the United States, which will be held on Nov. 3.

Don Jr. believes that the successful management that his father has demonstrated on the different fronts required by the country are a guarantee that a second presidential term will also provide excellent results.

He does not think the same of his opponent Joe Biden, of whom he argues that after his long political career he cannot show results similar to those obtained by President Trump, and he points out that if he had had brilliant ideas he would have communicated them to former President Barack Obama, with whom he worked.

Joe Biden has caused concern to the American electorate because of his long history of confusion, mistakes, and misrepresentations, and so, at 77, his cognitive ability has been questioned.

According to his own statements, he has already been tested, but his campaign refuses to publish the results, according to The Federalist, which does not help dispel suspicions of possible dementia.