An elected official, who is responsible for ensuring the Democratic Party passes legislation in the House, was caught deleting her controversial invitation for people to flood the Chinese district despite a deadly Asian disease.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) allegedly removed a video of herself that appears to encourage Americans to fill the streets of Chinatown in San Francisco. The House speaker, who launched her political career by campaigning in Chinatown, visited a temple, fortune cookie factory, wok shop, and the Canton Bazaar on Grant Avenue.

“We do want to say to people, ‘come to Chinatown, here we are, we are again careful, safe, and come join us,'” she said according to a video CBS’s KPIX 5 shared on YouTube.

Pelosi seemed happy to disregard a variety of social-distancing measures the Trump administration introduced to help contain the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus pandemic, including keeping a 6-foot distance from others and staying at home unless it is absolutely necessary to travel for work, shopping for household items, attending medical appointments, or performing outdoor exercise.

“It is exciting to be here, especially at this time to be able to unify with our community,” she said.

Pelosi also appeared to go to great lengths to avoid naming the CCP Virus.

“We want to be vigilant about what might be on the–what is out there in other places,” she said. “We want to be careful about how we deal with it.”

Her remarks, prompted President Donald Trump to slam the House speaker for hypocritically accusing the Oval Office of causing thousands of deaths and ruining the economy since the nation’s first CCP Virus case was announced on Jan. 20.

“Crazy Nancy Pelosi deleted this from her Twitter account [and] she wanted everyone to pack into Chinatown long after I closed the border to China,” the president said on Twitter. “Based on her statement, she is responsible for many deaths [and] she is an incompetent, third-rate politician.”

Pelosi had blamed the president for rejecting some of the regulatory framework intended to help respond to the rising number of CCP Virus cases.

“The truth is that Donald Trump dismantled the infrastructure handed to him, which was meant to plan for and overcome a pandemic, resulting in unnecessary deaths and economic disaster,” she said in a statement to fellow Democrats. “In January Donald Trump was warned about this pandemic, ignored those warnings, took insufficient action, and caused unnecessary death and disaster. The truth is that Donald Trump told his most loyal followers that the pandemic was a hoax and that it would magically disappear, thus endangering lives and paving the way for economic disaster.”

The remarks appeared to ignore the fact that a prolonged national economic shutdown would not only help slow the spread of the CCP Virus but also result in a downturn from the economic boom the Trump administration helped create through reducing red tape and tax cuts to big business.

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