President Donald Trump on Monday, Aug. 31, criticized Black Lives Matters, calling it a “marxist organization” that is “bad for everybody.”

“Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization,” the president said during an interview on Fox’s “The Ingraham Angle.” “You remember [them chanting] ‘Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon’ [in 2015].

“That was the first time I ever heard of Black Lives Matter. I said, ‘That’s a terrible name, it’s so discriminatory.’ It’s bad for black people, it’s bad for everybody and all of a sudden it becomes like sort of—although now if you look, it’s gone way down because people are tired of this stuff, what’s going on,” he added.

Black Lives Matter, a group that claims to fight police brutality and racial injustice, has led countless protests across the country following the police-involved deaths of black people. Many of those protests have turned violent.

One of the BLM co-founders, Patrisse Culors has admitted that they subscribe to Karl Marx’s ideology. She also said that “our goal is to get Trump out” of office. 

“Trump needs to be out of office. He is not fit for office. And so what we are going to push for is a move to get Trump out.” Cullors said in an interview with CNN. 

“While we’re also going to continue to push and pressure [former] Vice President Joe Biden around his policies and relationship to policing and criminalization,” she added. “That’s going to be important. But our goal is to get Trump out.”

Biden and Democrats have backed the Black Lives Matter movement as it initially gained momentum following the death of George Floyd in the custody of Minneapolis police. Biden campaign staffers and his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) even donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund to bail out BLM protesters.

However, Biden recently has distanced himself from BLM as Americans tell pollsters they don’t support withholding money from the police.

“It’s been unfortunate to not see the Democratic Party fully align themselves with the powerful work this movement has been doing,” said Cullors.

Polls also showed support for the BLM movement has fallen. Among whites, net approval is already negative and continues to drop. And while Democrats and Republicans are polarized on the issue, white Independents have shown a dramatic falloff in BLM support, going from a net 23% in early June to net 5% now.