President Donald Trump on Monday, Nov. 16, lashed out at the biased media for assuming that Democratic rival Joe Biden won the presidential election, saying that the election was attacked like never before, while insisting again that he is the winner.

“Why does the Fake News Media continuously assume that Joe Biden will ascend to the Presidency, not even allowing our side to show, which we are just getting ready to do, how badly shattered and violated our great Constitution has been in the 2020 Election,” the president wrote in a couple of tweets.

“It was attacked, perhaps like never before!” he tweeted.

“From large numbers of Poll Watchers that were thrown out of vote counting rooms in many of our States, to millions of ballots that have been altered by Democrats, only for Democrats, to voting after the Election was over, to using Radical Left owned Dominion Voting Systems, turned down by Texas and many others because it was not good or secure, those responsible for the safeguarding of our Constitution cannot allow the Fake results of the 2020 Mail-In Election to stand. The World is watching!” he wrote.

President Trump then tweeted that, “I won the election,” repeating what he has alleged recently after the temporary counting results show that he received 73 million legal votes, the largest amount of votes for a sitting president.

Twitter labeled all those posts by President Trump as “disputed,” citing “official sources called this election differently.”

In fact, some media news outlets have called Biden the winner based on their own calculation, but the election outcome remains unclear now amid pending recounts and legal challenges.

According to Fox News, Biden has topped the 270 electoral vote threshold to clinch the presidency, but data from The Epoch Times shows that Biden has so far received only 227 electoral votes while President Trump got 232 votes.

One day earlier, President Trump also lambasted the “fake news media” for labeling Biden as the winner, insisting that he has not acknowledged Biden’s victory.

“He only won in the eyes of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA,” President Trump said of Biden in a tweet on Sunday. “I concede NOTHING! We have a long way to go. This was a RIGGED ELECTION!”

President Trump and his campaign have repeatedly said there was voter fraud even before the Election Day and has now been mounting legal challenges on voting stations.

An employee working during the presidential election at the Detroit Convention Center as an IT assistant for Dominion Voting Systems reported that the ballots for the Democratic candidate Joe Biden were counted up to 8 times during the vote count of Nov. 3 and Nov. 4.

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