A presidential directive will help prevent Americans from losing their jobs to illegal aliens willing to do the same work for lower pay.

The Trump administration is banning federally funded agencies from outsourcing work, which is currently performed by U.S. citizens and green card holders, to foreign contractors.

President Donald Trump’s executive order on hiring Americans effectively stops agencies from trying to save labor expenses by hiring H-1B visa holders instead. There is a widely held view that many domestic employment opportunities have been lost to cheaper foreign H-1B visa holders who agree to work for a lower wage.

“The CEO of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Jeffrey Lyash made a disastrous and heartless decision,” the president said in a statement. “TVA announced that it would lay off over 200 American workers and replace them with cheaper foreign workers brought in from overseas … then ordered the American workers to train their foreign replacements, rubbing salt in their very open wound[s.]”

The Oval Office vows to take tough disciplinary action against TVA by dismissing CEO Jeff Lyash, board Chairman James Thompson, and board member Richard Howorth. Replacements will be recruited, and the salary offered could be reduced by up to 93 percent.

“The current CEO, Jeff Lyash, is ridiculously overpaid, he earns $8 million a year … [and] he is the highest-paid government official of any country anywhere in the world,” the president said. “The new CEO must be paid no more than $500,000 a year, which is still a significant amount more than the president of the United States makes and I donate my salary.”

He warned if the TVA does not rehire those American workers who were replaced by H-1B visa holders, there would be more senior-level changes.

“More board members will be removed,” he said. “We have the absolute right to remove board members and the board makes the decision [to appoint replacements,] I do not make the decision.”

The president hopes the executive order and new management at TVA will send a clear message that civil service is not meant to be a ‘get rich quick’ career move or exit strategy.

“Those who take these jobs must be focused on the public good, not on personal profit,” he said. “The board must work to ensure the CEO does not receive a lavish compensation package upon his departure, too. We do not want him leaving and then he gets a big check for millions and millions of dollars.”

Any operational savings is committed to benefiting taxpayers through lower utility bills.

“I want the saving to go to the people of these great states in the form of energy savings,” the president said. “That is a pretty substantial number.”

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