President Trump was holding a rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina, on Monday night, Sept. 9, telling a crowded arena of attendees who, with just hours to go, will head to the polls in a pivotal election: “To stop the far-left, you must vote in tomorrow’s special election.”

President Trump at Fayetteville rally, on sept. 19, 2019. (Screenshot/Twitter)

President Trump called for Fayetteville crowd to vote Tuesday for Republican Dan Bishop, a state senator who won a 10-way primary last spring, will run against Democratic candidate Dan McCready.

“Just recently, Mecklenburg County set free an illegal alien charged with first-degree rape and crimes against a child,” the president said. “Support for sanctuary cities is disloyalty to American cities—and McCready wants sanctuary cities, with all of their protections for people who are serious criminals. Tomorrow is your chance to send a clear message to the American-hating left.”

“We don’t want dangerous criminal aliens roaming free in North Carolina. Our Republican candidate, Dan Bishop, will fight with everything he has,” President Trump responded to the crowd chanting “build that wall!”

The president criticized Democratic presidential candidates for having moved to the extreme left on issues like immigration, abortion and health care.

“What are you going to do: Put one of these crazy people running? They are so far left,” he said. “Every leading Democrats running for president pledges to ban the energy that drives our economy. …Your way of life is under assault by these people.”

Marshville residents Philip and Diane Ezzell, both 70, were near the front of the line Monday waiting to enter the president rally. Both attributed their support for Bishop to his backing by President Trump.

“We like his values, and he supports Trump,” Diane Ezzell said. “And we don’t want no socialist clowns.”

Crowd attendance for President Trump’s rally in Fayetteville N.C., on Sept. 9, 2019. (Screenshot/Twitter)

Bishop took the podium, saying, “Mr. President, we are not tired of winning. We want to keep on winning. And tomorrow, Tuesday September 10, 2019, we’re going to win the ninth district of North Carolina.”

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