President Donald Trump spoke on April 14 before a crowd of construction and energy workers in Hackberry, Louisiana, promising America will never stop fighting to protect its spot as the “energy superpower of the world.”

He was in town to tour the Cameron LNG export facility—a new energy infrastructure that will support jobs and small businesses in southwest Louisiana for the next 20 years and beyond.

Meanwhile, the far left Congress has taken on another mission: the Green New Deal. Rather than standing behind the American energy revolution that cut carbon emissions and has provided high-paying jobs and affordable power in recent years, congressional Democrats want Congress to choose which sectors win and lose.

However, the president asserted, “The golden era of American energy is now underway.” Here is what the age of U.S. energy dominance looks like under President Trump, according to White House:

  • America has become the largest crude oil producer on Earth.
  • The United States has become a net natural gas exporter for the first time since 1957.
  • Total energy production across various sources reached record highs in 2018.
  • Mining and oil and gas extraction has contributed to economic growth in 49 states.
President Donald J. Trump promotes energy infrastructure and economic growth, on May 14, 2019, at the Cameron LNG Export Terminal in Hackberry, La. (Shealah Craighead/Official White House Photo)

Dan K. Eberhart is CEO of Canary, an independent oilfield services company in the United States, saying President Trump should be commended for trying to save the U.S. energy industry.

CNN reported his opinion:

Pipelines are by far the most efficient means of transporting oil and natural gas. Unfortunately, construction of new pipelines and other critical energy infrastructure is too often blocked by states, which have the power to reject pipelines under a little-understood provision of the federal Clean Water Act.
But now, President Trump is attempting to bring some much-needed relief to the process with two executive orders that could limit states’ power to block pipelines, and grant federal officials more leeway to approve permits.
Trump should be commended for prioritizing the delivery of abundant and affordable energy. The U.S. energy industry cannot continue to grow without relief from infrastructure constraints, many of which come from state leaders with the misguided belief that being pro-clean energy means they must also oppose any fossil fuel project.

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