Agribusinesses and livestock producers will receive major relief funding from the Trump administration to survive the deadly Asian pandemic.

The new federal coronavirus food assistance program will support farmers and ranchers to maintain the nation’s food production and distribution network during the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus crisis.

“We are providing $19 billion to support our nation’s agricultural producers, maintain the health of our critical food supply chains, and provide food assistance to American families,” President Donald Trump said in a statement.

More than 84 percent of the amount is promised to go directly to the agribusinesses and livestock producers themselves under both the Commodity Credit Corporation Charter Act and Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act.

“$16 billion is going directly to the farmers and ranchers,” the president said. “We fought hard for this. These payments will compensate farmers for losses related to the global pandemic, caused by China.”

Interested applicants are encouraged to contact their local Farm Service Agency office starting from May 26, 2020. The money is promised to be transferred within days.

“You got to go sign up to pick it up, to get the money,” the president said. “We will start issuing payments within one week of receiving application, so that is a lot of money.”

The president said that none of his predecessors in the history of the United States have ever announced such a large stimulus package for those who commercially produce corn, cotton, soybean, specialty crops, cattle, pork, dairy, and more.

“No other president has done this,” he said. “You can go back to Abraham Lincoln and there is no president that has treated the farmers like Trump … it is an honor to do it, actually, it is an honor. They are great people, these are great, great people.”

The remaining $3 billion of taxpayer money will be spent on stockpiling products to provide a buffer for food lines and help avoid food shortages in stores.

“I see where they could not get food, they are having a hard time,” the president said. “We have these incredible ranchers and farmers that have so much food, and I said, ‘Let us spend that money and give it to our farmers, our ranchers,’ and it has worked out really well … they have already got it in supply. That is already on the lines, I saw them handing it out.”

He thanked farmers and ranchers for continuing to feed the nation despite the impact of the CCP Virus.

“The American farmer is the backbone of our country and they are really a great friend of mine, and I appreciate all the support,” he said. “[They] have kept our nation fed and nourished as we have battled the invisible enemy. It is an invisible enemy, it is tough but we are going to win, and we are going to win very big.”

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