A Republican, who is responsible for signing bills passed by the Missouri Legislature, commended the Oval Office for making big accomplishments during the deadly Asian pandemic.

Gov. Mike Parson has applauded President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence for their timely response to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus crisis.

“The president and vice president did nothing but almost move mountains for the entire country,” he told Fox News’s “Cavuto Live.” 

Parson recalled the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was drafted and enacted in just two months. The process would normally take much longer and be fiercely debated by both sides of Congress.

“I cannot imagine doing any more than they have done,” he said. “[Just look at] what they did to get that CARES package out as early as they did, to almost retool the manufacturing across the United States to make personal protective equipment supply for every state, even the ones that were complaining they were continually trying to make sure and give them updates on that.”

Parson believes it is wrong to criticize the Trump administration for quickly delivering government stimulus to businesses and households affected by the CCP Virus shutdown.

“It is easy to be critical of people, it is easy to do that, anybody can do that but when a lot needs to get done it is a whole different scenario,” he said. “People just need to sit back and take a breath here and realize what has been accomplished in 60 days by the president, the vice president, and frankly the governors around the states. What we have had to deal with is what makes me so proud to be a governor in my state.”

He believes other states should learn from the pandemic and avoid relying too much on the CCP.

“One thing that we should all learn from this exercise is we should never be dependent on foreign countries as much as we were,” he said. “As a state governor I need to take care of my state better; I need to make sure I can get manufacturers in my state to make this gear; I do not need to depend on anyone else.”

The president confirmed fewer Americans have recently been infected by the CCP Virus.

“The number of coronavirus cases is strongly trending downward throughout the United States, with few exceptions,” he said on Twitter. “Very good news, indeed.”