At a press conference on Friday, Sept. 18, President Trump again spoke out against the mail-in ballot. And he blamed the Democrats for promoting this voting system, which he anticipated would bring chaos, confusion, and possible fraud.

President Trump called the mail-in ballot a ‘scam’ during a press conference on Friday. He explained several times that he is not against the rational use of absentee voting, meaning that those who really cannot go to public places to cast their votes can do so. 

According to Trump, under no circumstances should massive use be made of this voting methodology, for the simple reason that the postal system in the United States is obsolete and inefficient, which would lead to a total collapse and unreliable results. 

Instead, the Democratic Party is openly encouraging people to cast their vote by mail, which leaves evidence that they are seeking collapse, chaos, and confusion.

“They’re sending out tens of millions of ballots to everybody, people that didn’t expect them. People are getting inundated with ballots, they’ll be showered with ballots,” Trump said Friday.

Many of the most populous states, governed by Democrats, have chosen to mail ballots automatically to all residents. The result is that ballots are being filled out for all citizens, even those who didn’t request them because they didn’t really need them. This ridiculous situation, in addition to generating enormous unnecessary expense, is undoubtedly exposing the mail system to possible collapse by requiring it to do work for which it has no structure and is not prepared.

Trump asked himself, “Where do these ballots go, who sends them, who signs them,” trying to show why he thinks voting by mail is unsafe.

These statements by President Trump are not a mere whim, there is empirical evidence about how badly the mail voting system works. A concrete and recent example is the case of the New York primary election.

According to a New York Post story, the New York Election Board received 403,103 mail ballots for the June 23 Democratic presidential primary. But the results published on the official site were only 318,995.

That means 84,108 votes were not counted or invalidated. Nearly one in four mail ballot envelopes was disqualified. The main causes for disqualification were the late arrival of the envelopes, the absence of the voter’s signature or the lack of security seals.

“An annulment rate of 26 percent is staggering. It’s very troubling,” said Arthur Schwartz, who represented several candidates in a federal lawsuit alleging that voters were disenfranchised from the handling of ballots by the Election Board and the Postal Service, according to Fox News.

This kind of evidence so clearly highlights the fragility of the postal system that it is hard to believe that a person who encourages the use of the postal vote has no other intention than to seek to create chaos and confusion. 

Trump not only blamed the Democrats for the increase in mail-in ballots, he also assured that they “they know it’s going to be a mess,” “there are going to be millions of missing ballots,” he added. “There’s going to be fraud, it’s a disaster. This is going to be the scam of all time,” Trump told reporters, concluding his press conference.

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