French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday, Aug. 24, held a working luncheon with President Donald Trump after he arrived at Biarritz, France, for a summit with the Group of Seven (G-7) leaders.

During the luncheon at Hotel du Palais, Macron said he is proud to welcome President Trump, calling him “a very special guest” at this occasion.

As the host of the G-7 summit, Macron said the two-day meeting will discuss a wide range of issues, including Libya, Syria, Ukraine, North Korea, and Iran. 

“A lot of these crises that we need a strong coordination of and partners on the table,” Macron said, pointing his focus on Iran, which he urged the G-7 countries “have to fix the situation.”

“First, being sure that Iran doesn’t get access to nuclear weapon. And second, stability of the region,” he said.

Regarding the global economy, Macron said the summit will discuss how to decrease tensions and fix the situation in terms of trade and how to find new ways to relaunch the economy.

According to Macron, the G-7 leaders will also discuss gender equality, digital, climate protection, and other hot topics. The French president seemed to be referring to the Paris Climate Deal that President Trump decided to withdraw the United States from.

“This discussion will be very important between the allies, friends, and very importantly, we are always very proud to have the U.S.,” Macron said.||

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President Trump thanked Macron, saying he and Emmanuel have a lot in common and have a very good relationship, a sort of a special relationship.

But President Trump pointed to the weather to say it is “perfect,” suggesting the climate change issue may be out of his concern as he repeatedly mentioned before.

“The weather is perfect. The guest is fantastic. Everybody is getting along. And I think we’ll accomplish a lot this weekend, and I look forward to it. And thank you for having us,” he said.

In a tweet after the luncheon, President Trump said he hoped he has a big weekend with the G-7 leaders.

The Group of Seven includes the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Italy, and Japan. This summit is expected to focus on economy and climate change, among other issues.

President Trump arrived in France one day after he decided to raise tariffs on almost all China imports, accusing Beijing of stealing hundreds of billions of dollars a year from the United States. He may use the summit as a forum to promote “the spirit of achieving fair trade” that his administration is pursuing.

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