President Biden, according to a recent study from The Hill, sees himself as a two-term president, not just a “transition” president, as some had expected.

“I don’t think there’s any reason to say that he won’t,” one former presidential adviser said of Biden’s chances of re-election.

“So we all assume that he is,” the source added, “contrary to this sentiment that he’ll be a one-term president because of his own volition.”

“He hasn’t even fully staffed up the White House yet,” he also commented. “There’s a lot to do before he even reaches the point where he has to make a final decision.”

This year, Biden will turn 79, and some have expressed concerns about his health.

Biden stumbled several times while boarding Air Force One, which raised several eyebrows.

His communications staff called it a “misstep,” said the measures were “tricky,” and blamed the high wind.

Former President Donald Trump also ridiculed his successor, Joe Biden, for stumbling several times when he was boarding Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews on Friday, March 19. “I watched Joe Biden going up the stairs today,” Trump said at an event in Mar-o-Lago on Friday night.

“I said, I didn’t lose to him. Which, you didn’t lose to him. Almost 75 million votes and probably a lot more than that,” Trump said.


The former president’s mockery came after a video shared from The Hill earlier in the day showed that Biden, 78, slipped three separate times while he tried to jog up the aircraft stairs.

Trump’s assistant Dan Scavino also posted a video describing his boss climbing up the aircraft better and what his presidential style looks like to mock Biden.

A White House spokeswoman blamed wind for Biden’s stumble.

“It’s pretty windy outside. It’s very windy. I almost fell coming up the steps myself,” deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters aboard the presidential aircraft, adding that Biden “is doing 100 percent.”

The New York Post cited the National Weather Service reporting that the wind there is more than 20 miles per hour with gusts up to 25 mph, and it was not strong enough to prevent the plane from taking off for a trip to Atlanta.