U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has warned that the United States will impose costs on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to make sure it changes its behavior that is posing a real threat to the world.

In an interview with The Hill on Wednesday, July 15, Pompeo revealed that he and foreign ministers from other countries all share a view that the CCP will have to pay a price for spreading the CCP Virus (coronavirus).

“I think the world will absolutely make them pay a price,” he told The Hill’s chief editor Bob Cusack. “You can see it, every place I go, every foreign minister that I talk to, they recognize what China [the CCP] has done to the world.”

Pompeo said that if President Donald Trump is re-elected for a second term in November, the administration would identify the CCP as the U.S.’s No. 1 national security priority.

The secretary said the Trump administration’s strategy will focus on pushing back the CCP so that the two powers will have a fair and reciprocal relationship. The United States will also pursue “a change in behavior” in dealing with the Party.

“This is a Chinese Communist Party that is acting in a way that poses real threats to the world, and the United States is going to respond in each of those venues to make sure that we preserve American national security and impose costs on the Chinese Communist Party in order to achieve the change in behavior that will have a good outcome,” Pompeo said.

Recently, the Trump administration has been taking a series of measures against the CCP, which reflects a change in relations between the two powerhouses.

Early this week, the Trump administration dismissed the CCP’s claims in the South China Sea, accusing Beijing of using intimidation tactics against other claimant states.

The White House this week also hinted that the restrictions on the Chinese social media app TikTok in the United States could come within “weeks.”

Just on Tuesday, the Trump administration formally ended the U.S.’s special relationship with Hong Kong over the CCP’s increased authority over the territory.

And on Wednesday, Pompeo announced that the State Department will impose visa restrictions on employees of the Chinese tech giant Huawei, saying the restrictions are meant to punish complicity in human rights abuses.

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