Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a recent interview accused members of the Obama administration of undermining President Trump’s maximum pressure campaign on Iran by telling Iranians to “wait” until President Trump loses in 2020.

Pompeo said the Trump administration is succeeding in its efforts to destabilize the regime in Tehran and that it is shameful for former President Obama’s officials to actively undermine those efforts.

“You have folks who served in the previous administration who are telling the Iranian leaders today, ‘Just hang on. President Trump will lose in the election in November and we’ll go back to appeasement. America will write you a big check, we’ll underwrite your terror campaign around the world, we’ll give you a clear pathway to a nuclear weapon system. Just wait until the Trump administration is finished.’” said Pompeo in the American Enterprise Institute’s national security podcast interview.

When President Trump took office, Iran was moving forward through the Middle East, its expansionism fueled by the cash it received from Obama’s nuclear deal.

As a result of President Trump’s decision to pull out of the deal and impose the most crippling sanctions in Tehran’s history, Iran’s economy is contracting, inflation is spiraling, and the regime has been forced to reduce funding for its terrorist representatives, according to Marc Thiessen, a Washington Post columnist, Fox News contributor, and member of the American Enterprise Institute.

“Hezbollah has fewer dollars today. The Iraqi Shia militias have fewer dollars today. The Iranian regime is having to make choices in their defense budget for 2020. The world hasn’t actually seen them yet, they’re coming. If you’re an Iranian deciding to participate in the Iranian military, you should be prepared to take a pay cut,” Pompeo said. 

The secretary of state also added that in the wake of Iran’s attacks in the Persian Gulf, the Trump administration has taken a number of steps to destabilize the region.

“We have increased activity in the Strait of Hormuz. We have announced forced posture changes in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There are a handful of things that we have done that I know the Iranians understand have increased risks should they decide that they want to act out again and put American lives, American assets, or those of our friends and partners in the region at risk.”

President Donald Trump declared in July at the White House that Iran is the “world’s number one state of terror.”

Also in August, President Trump warned Iran that it “had better be careful” after Tehran said it was pushing uranium enrichment beyond the limits set by the 2015 nuclear agreement, according to VOA News.

“You better be careful,” the president told reporters as he left Morristown, New Jersey, for Washington.

“Iran will never have a nuclear weapon,” he said.

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