After nearly six months of consideration, GOP voters are now more likely to blame President Joe Biden and Democratic lawmakers for the U.S. Capitol riot than former President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans, a new survey suggests.

Morning Consult released the survey on Monday, June 28, indicating that 41% of GOP voters believed that Biden is responsible for the Jan. 6 Capitol attack, while only 30% blamed Trump.

In the previous survey conducted on Jan. 6-7, 42% of GOP voters said the fault belonged with Biden, and 41% pointed the finger at Trump.

The 11 percentage-point drop of holding Trump responsible among the GOP voters in the latest survey mirrors the Republican Party’s treatment of the former president.

When asked which party was at fault for Jan. 6 riot, 52% of GOP voters in the new survey pointed to Democrats in Congress, while 22% pointed to Republicans. In the previous poll, 48% blamed the Democratic Party and 34% blamed the Republican Party.

More Republicans blame Biden and Democrats in Congress than Trump and the Republicans for Jan. 6 Capitol riot. (Morning Consult)

Among all voters, 61% now consider Trump deserved some or a lot of blame, and 27% say Biden should be blamed, according to Morning Consult, which is seen as a left-leaning pollster.

Overall, 50% said Republicans in Congress should be responsible for the Capitol attack, while 33% said Democrats should.

Nearly 70% of GOP voters say “there has been too much focus on the Jan. 6th events,” while 50% of all voters disagree.

Morning Consult conducted the new poll from June 18 to June 20 among roughly 2,000 registered voters, similar to the number of respondents surveyed in January.

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