Joe Biden is facing another hurdle in becoming the Democratic presidential nominee even though Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has quit the race. A new poll shows a majority of Democrats want to nominate New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for president instead of the former vice president.

According to a national poll reported by the New York Post on Friday, 56% of Democrats said they would prefer Cuomo over Biden as the party’s presidential nominee to face off against President Donald Trump in November.

Meanwhile, 44% said they would prefer sticking with presumptive nominee Biden.

The poll indicated that Hispanic voters, young people, women, and self-identified liberals are most likely to favor dumping Biden for Cuomo.

The poll was conducted online from April 3 to April 6 with a representative sample of 1,000 respondents, including 361 Democrats, 349 Republicans and 262 independents. The Club for Growth, a conservative pro-market group, commissioned Republican polling firm WPAi to conduct the poll.

The Club for Growth Vice President of Communications Joe Kildea told the New York Post that the poll highlighted the former vice president’s weakness as a candidate.

“With every major news event, Democrats realize more and more how bad of a candidate Joe Biden is, and Democrats now preferring Cuomo is just another example,” Kildea said.

Respondents were asked, “Based on what you know today, do you agree or disagree that Democrats should nominate Governor Andrew Cuomo for president instead of Joe Biden?”

Among the respondents of any party—including independents—who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, the percentage favoring Cuomo increased to 57%. Of those who voted for President Trump in 2016, 53% wanted Democrats to keep Biden.

Among black voters—who helped Biden defeat Sanders—55% favored the New York governor, with just 45% wanting to keep the former vice president.

Among voters age 25 to 34 of any party, 67% preferred Cuomo.

In addition, 57% of all women and 58% of Hispanic voters preferred Cuomo.

Cuomo and Biden were about evenly favored among whites and people with college and graduate school degrees.

The poll also rated how Biden and Cuomo are handling the CCP Virus outbreak. For Cuomo, 54% of respondents approved and 20% disapproved of his job. For Biden, 32% approved, 35% disapproved and 34% were unsure.

The poll comes though Cuomo denied last month that he wanted to run for president, but some Democrats still are clamoring for an alternative to Biden.

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