The House Democrats’ impeachment hearings so far, have not moved voters , with a plurality still expecting President Donald Trump to be re-elected in November 2020, according to a poll, which also shows there is sizable support for expanding the hearings to include Joe Biden and his son.

The Rasmussen Reports poll, released earlier this week, found that 18% of likely U.S. Voters think President Trump will be impeached before serving his full term in office. And in September 17%  thought so, down from a high of 29% when Rasmussen first asked this question in late December 2017.

However, 45% of voters still believe President Trump will be re-elected in 2020, basically unchanged in surveys over the past year. 

Twenty-six percent said the president will be defeated by the Democratic nominee, but this finding has been trending down from 33% in late July to 28% in September.

Meanwhile, 46% of voters think the House hearings should be expanded to look at the involvement of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter in Ukrainian political affairs. Forty-three percent disagree, while 11% are undecided.

Rasmussen conducted the national telephone and online survey with 1,000 likely voters on Nov. 14 and 17, before the second week of public impeachment hearings taking place.

Rasmussen said a majority (71%) of the likely voters in its survey have closely followed the impeachment hearings, with 42% who have followed very closely.

There is a sense of bias regarding news media against President Trump. The survey shows 53% of all voters think most reporters are trying to help impeach the president when they write or talk about the impeachment effort.