A majority of U.S. voters now approve of how President Donald Trump has handled the CCP Virus pandemic, with his approval rating surging over the last week, as the president has adopted drastic measures to fight the Chinese virus, according to a new survey.

The ABC News/Ipsos poll released on Friday, March 20, found that 55% of Americans approve of President Trump’s management of the public health crisis, compared to 43% who disapprove.

The approval rating for how President Trump’s handling the CCP Virus outbreak has skyrocketed from one week ago, when only 43% approved of the president’s handling of the pandemic and 54% disapproved.

The numbers have nearly reversed in a week after the Trump administration issued stricter federal guidelines and the president took a variety of measures since last Friday to combat the rapid spread of the CCP Virus within the United States, according to ABC News.

The president declared a national emergency, expanded the European travel ban, urged people to avoid gatherings of more than 10 people, signaled his support for dispensing checks to affected Americans, and invoked the Defense Production Act. He has also often led the daily press briefings of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, announcing new federal actions, and directly answering questions from reporters.

During the two days in which the poll was conducted, the president signed an economic relief bill to help combat the CCP Virus, ensuring free testing and paid leave for certain workers.

The poll comes after China tried to suppress information about the CCP Virus outbreak, which first broke in Wuhan and put countless lives in the world at risk.