A majority of Americans approve of how President Donald Trump has respond to the CCP Virus pandemic, according to a new survey, which also showed a large number said the president was initially “slow to take action to address the problem.”

The survey released on Friday, March 27, by ABC News/Washington Post shows that 51% of respondents approve of President Trump’s handling of the outbreak in the United States, with 36% approving strongly and 15% approving somewhat.

Among those surveyed, 45% disapprove of the president’s management of the virus crisis, with 36% disapproving strongly and 8% disapproving somewhat.

Four percent of the respondents had no opinion on the issue, Politico reported.

While 38% of Americans said President Trump “acted with the right amount of speed” to halt the public health crisis, 58% said he was initially “too slow to take action to address the problem,” and 4% had no opinion.

For the first time in an ABC News/Washington Post survey, more Americans approve of President Trump’s performance than those who do not since he took office.

The survey, conducted from March 22 to March 25, also shows that President Trump’s overall job approval rating now rests at 48%, with 46% disapproving. Six percent had no opinion on how the president is handling his job.

After minimizing the threat of the CCP virus pandemic in its early days, the Trump administration has taken a variety of measures to combat the spread of the deadly virus in the United States.

The president declared a national emergency, expanded the European travel ban, urged people to avoid gatherings of more than 10 people, signaled his support for dispensing checks to affected Americans, and invoked the Defense Production Act.

In addition, the president has also often led the daily press briefings of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, announcing new federal actions, directly answering questions from reporters, and announced a 15-day period of recommended social distancing to help combat the disease.

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