According to a new survey, half of Americans say they feel the United States is not going in the right direction six months after President Joe Biden started running the country.

The Economist/YouGov Poll released on Wednesday, July 14, showed that 50% of respondents said the country is on the wrong track, while 35% said it is “generally headed in the right direction,” and 15% said they are not sure.

Among Biden’s voters, 66% expressed confidence in America’s direction, and 20% said they are doubtful. Among Trump’s voters, only 9% approved of America’s direction, but up to 87% disapproved.

Regarding the economy’s performance, 26% of Americans described the current state of the economy as good, 29% said it is poor, and 35% said it is fair.

Asked about their trust in Medical Advice from President Biden, 21% of voters said they “trust a lot,” 19% said “somewhat,” but 34% said, “they distrust a lot.”

The poll indicated that 27% of voters “strongly approve” of how Biden is handling the COVID-19 pandemic, while 26% “strongly disapprove.” Meanwhile, 25% said they approve somewhat, and 12% said they disapprove somewhat.

Regarding Biden’s job approval, the voters across the country gave him a rating of 47%, in which 21% “strongly approve” and 26% somewhat approve.

Meanwhile, 43% of voters said they disapprove of the way Biden is handling his job as president, including 33% “strong disapprove” and 10% “somewhat disapprove.”

(The Economist/YouGov Poll)

The poll also showed that 52% of voters said Biden is a weak leader, while 48% said he is a strong one.

The poll was conducted from July 10-13 with nearly 1,500 adult citizens.

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