A former sex health education instructor with Planned Parenthood is exposing the organization’s true agenda, and claims their program “grooms” children for promiscuity, setting them up for future abortions. This is all done through our public education system, where children are encouraged to participate in sex, then guided to seek abortion as the solution.

Monica Cline worked as a sex educator with Planned Parenthood in Texas for a decade, as reported by the Daily Caller. Cline who in 1996 worked for the Center for Health Training, now known as Cardea Services, as an educator for HIV prevention, then underwent training by the director of Prevention Education at Planned Parenthood in Austin, Texas. The following year she became the Title X Ttaining manager for Texas and New Mexico in Planned Parenthood.

Cline requested the director who died, to remain anonymous out of respect for the family. She was instructed early on in the training, “We have to approach this and look at your audience and realize that they’ve probably done anything and everything related to sex,” and she was ordered to teach the children all about various sexual activities, “It was very explicit. Oral, vaginal, and anal sex, and the use of sex toys,” said Cline.

Protesters hold anti-abortion signs outside the Planned Parenthood Columbia Health Center on in Columbia, Mo., on Dec. 12, 2016. (Timothy Tai/Columbia Daily Tribune via AP, File)

Case studies included girls only 10 years of age coming to Planned Parenthood for sex-related injuries, removal of foreign objects and abortions. “Wow, you’ve convinced me,” she said to the educator, and asked, “How do I teach these girls not to have sex?”

“No dear, we aren’t teaching them not to have sex,” the educator replied. “We are teaching them how to do it safer.” Children are not encouraged to form healthy relationships with others, nor about dating in groups. “Risk reduction is simply telling them how to make the high risk safer by using lubrication and condoms,” she explained. “The next step is to make them understand they need to be tested for STD’s every couple months.”

Parents protesting sex education in school program. (Shutterstock)

Cline said, “The sex education grooms them for promiscuity. Grooms them for STD treatment, and grooms them for abortion.”

While Cline attempted to educate the girls on healthy relationships, her co-worker taught the same girls, as young as 12, about sexually transmitted diseases, which included watching a video called Nicole’s Choice. The short film is about a girl waking up after a sexual encounter and realizing she has contracted an STD, and what she needs to do about it.

“Teens are being given false ideas that condoms will cover all the bases,” Cline added. “They do tell them to get tested and treated—which means coming back to the clinic—and if they are pregnant they are encouraged to get an abortion.”

Cline explained that her job involves being able to empathize with the girls seeking help, “We were supposed to identify what they are going through, “Cline explained, “Say, ‘you’re just a teenager, the last thing you want is a baby.’ Identify with her fears. ‘Your parents are probably going to be so mad at you. We can take care of this for you, it’s not a problem.’”

After Cline attended a human sex trafficking conference in 2009, she returned to work in the program, hoping to instill some of what she had learned to other staff, such as how to spot red flags and the type of assistance that could be offered to victims, only to discover her ideas were met with resistance. 

“Honey, if she’s not having sex with this man this month, she’ll be having sex with another man next month,” Cline was told.

Anti-abortion advocates gather outside the Planned Parenthood clinic on June 4, 2019, in St. Louis. A judge is considering whether the clinic, Missouri’s only abortion provider, can remain open. (Jeff Roberson/AP Photo)


“Their view of our children is very skewed,” Cline said. “They believe that this is what our children want. They don’t see our children as victims, they see them as willing participants.”

Cline left her job with Planned Parenthood in 2009, unable to tolerate their ideas, and now has taken on the role of a national speaker to expose the real agenda behind sexual risk reduction education. Parents need to ask questions about what their children are learning through these programs.