British journalist Piers Morgan criticized Canadian and European leaders for allegedly making fun of President Donald J. Trump on Tuesday, Dec. 3, evening at a Buckingham Palace reception for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) leaders.

“There they all were, sniggering and [expletive removed] away like spiteful little Mean Girls about U.S. President Donald Trump, the modern-day Caesar,” Morgan wrote in the British Daily Mail article.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte were caught on video mocking President Trump on Tuesday, Dec. 3, evening during the drinks reception.

‘Is that why you were late?” the video clip began showing Johnson chuckling and reproaching Macron.

Trudeau jumped in before Macron could reply, with a dig at President Trump: “He was late because he [Trump] takes a 40-minute press conference off the top.”

The video showed Macron gesticulating before Rutte said, “fake news media.” “You just watched his team’s jaws drop to the floor!” quipped Trudeau, mimicking by dropping his own jaw.

Everyone in the group started laughing out loud at President Trump’s expense.

Standing together with the NATO leaders was Britain’s Princess Anne, the second child and only daughter of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Morgan censured Princess Anne for partaking in the tasteless dig at President Trump.

“When I saw Anne’s world-famous never-changing hairstyle nodding away in obvious amusement too, something inside me flipped and I found myself mouthing my own words of indiscretion: ‘What the h… are you lot all laughing at?’” wrote Morgan.

The princess’s brother Prince Andrew was not at the reception because he was “fired from public life in shameful disgrace” over his support and connection to the late serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Morgan referred to the BBC’s “Panorama” investigative news program on Monday night, just 24 hours before the palace event, showing Epstein’s victim, Victoria Roberts Giuffre, crying as she spoke of allegedly being sex trafficked by Eptsein to Prince Andrew when she was 17 years old.

“You’d have thought that might have put a slight dampener on his sister’s willingness to engage in group mockery about the leader of Britain’s most important ally at a public palace event, but it didn’t,” wrote Morgan.

He compared the leaders with the “vain, self-obsessed, sneaky, gossipy, and gutless” characters in the 2004 movie, “Mean Girls.”

A scene from the movie, “Mean Girls” when one of the three “vain, self-obsessed, sneaky, gossipy, and gutless” girls, had an emotional outburst during a Shakespeare class. (Screenshot/YouTube Movie Trailer)

Morgan blatantly advised the leaders to “look in their own mirrors” before making fun of President Trump.

The British journalist described Trudeau as “a shameless hypocrite,” a “distinctly unimpressive prime minister,” and “the clown that wanted to abolish the word ‘mankind’ because it’s sexist.” Morgan pointed out that Trudeau had almost been jolted out of office in the recent Canadian election, following photographs of him painting his face black on several occasions.

During a live press conference the day before, President Trump had questioned Trudeau if Canada was contributing the required 2% to NATO. The latter faltered but admitted it Canada has only paid 1.4%.

“If I were Trudeau, I’d pipe down with the Trump taunts,” Morgan cautioned, before stating that the French leader “is in an even worse position.”

Macron angered NATO members by calling the coalition “brain-dead.” And Morgan certainly did not mince his words when he described Macron as an “arrogant condescending pipsqueak,” with approval ratings plummeting to below 30%, and 60% of French people saying they are dissatisfied with their leader’s performance.

The truth is that President Trump was NATO’s biggest supporter at the summit.—President Trump was successful helping to “make other cheapskate countries pay more of their dues, and for America to rightly pay less of the overall cost of NATO’s bills,” wrote Morgan.

“Tremendous things achieved for U.S. on my NATO trip. Proudly for our Country, no President has ever achieved so much in so little time. Without a U.S. increase, other countries have already increased by $130 billion-with $400 billion soon. Such a thing has never been done before!,” tweeted President Trump.

President Trump rightfully called Trudeau “two-faced” following the video clip that showed the Canadian leader mocking the U.S. president behind his back to the other world leaders.

“Honestly, with Trudeau, he’s a nice guy,” said President Trump.

“The truth is I called him out on the fact that he’s not paying two percent [to NATO] and I guess he’s not very happy about it” said President Trump, who added, “Look, I’m representing the United States and he understands that.”

Nor did Morgan spare the British prime minister with his honest appraisal. He stated that he could not fathom Johnson’s motive for not “taking the high moral ground” with President Trump, despite receiving praise and support from the U.S. president since he became prime minister.

Yet, Johnson was “treating the U.S. President like a piece of brand-damaging gum on his shoe,” trying “everything not to be seen with the President this week, lest it damage his chances of victory in next week’s UK General Election,” wrote Morgan.

The British journalist pointed to the contrast between Johnson and President Trump. The former tried to dodge promised interviews with the British media and President Trump’s “extraordinary willingness to regularly lay himself bare to the media dogs.”

Morgan observed that the video clip was extremely revealing in several ways.

Firstly, it revealed the “pathetic cowardice” of the leaders “all huddling in a group mocking Trump behind his back like school kids who give it the Billy Big Balls swagger about their teacher the moment the teacher’s left the room,” wrote Morgan.

Secondly, it exposed the NATO leaders’ “brazen disrespect” toward President Trump who was “the most important member world leader at the NATO Summit” in London.

Lastly, the video showed the “unbelievable stupidity” of the leaders not realizing that the presence of TV cameras that might capture their deceitfulness.

Rightfully, President Trump was not the one who had been humiliated. One Twitter member wrote, “Looks worse on Trudeau than it does on Trump.”

The real mortification is on the leaders, not President Trump, who returned to Washington with a 52% approval rating.

And a 95% Republican approval rating, tweeted President Trump.

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