A Pennsylvania senator will summon county officials to verify the outcome of the November election, after they refused to cooperate voluntarily.

State Sen. Doug Mastriano confirmed he will ask the Pennsylvania Senate’s Intergovernmental Operations Committee to subpoena commissioners from three counties to comply with his 2020 election investigation.

“We are eagerly awaiting my committee coming together when I can get a quorum, get everyone’s calendars matched up–it is summertime,” he said according to One America News Network. “As soon as I get a quorum we will have a meeting, we will vote on subpoenas, and let the fun begin.”

Mastriano earlier declared he would launch a forensic audit of the 2020 presidential election in Tioga, York, and Philadelphia counties. However, officials in all three jurisdictions have refused to comply, forcing the senator to resort to subpoenas.

In his letters to the counties, Mastriano indicated he wanted to hear back no later than July 31.

However, York commissioners stated they would not send any documents or grant the senator access to voting equipment.

Tioga officials similarly said they would deny access to machines until the state Senate approves financing for new equipment.

On July 30, Philadelphia commissioners similarly decided against voluntary participation in the program.


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