After a judge, at the request of the Trump campaign, suspended Pennsylvania’s electoral certifications in order to hear testimony of fraud from citizens at a hearing, it was overwhelming.

One witness, Gregory Strenstrom, “a data scientist, computer forensic expert, and expert in security and fraud,” to testify about the disappearance of 47 USB cards with thousands of electoral data, according to the recordings of the hearing. 

“’47 USB card are missing. My name is Gregory Strenstrom, I am from Delaware County, former Commanding Officer in the Navy, veteran of foreign wars, CEO of my own private company, a data scientist & forensic computer scientist & an expert in security & fraud'” is part of Strenstrom’s statement, tweeted by @KanekoaTheGreat.

On his Twitter account the user @KanekoaTheGreat, shared Strenstrom’s complete statement in several tweets. 

“In all cases, the chain of custody was broken,” Strenstrom continued to testify. “It was broken for the mail-in ballots, the Dropbox ballots, the election day USB card flash drives, in all cases they didn’t follow any of the procedures defined by the Board of Delaware County of Elections.”

Strenstrom also highlighted the irregular handling by an election supervisor, who entered with bags containing USB cards and repeatedly inserted them into the vote-counting machines, without being observed, without being supervised.

In addition, he pointed out that 70,000 sealed envelopes remained whose votes were not included in the total vote count, questioning, “My question is, where did the 70,000 ballots go? And nobody knows.”

Additionally, at one point in the voting, 126,000 ballots were passed to 200,000 without knowing where they came from. 

In short, for Strenstrom, Delaware County cannot be certified, simply because all the evidence is gone. 

“We just learned 2 days ago that virtually all chain of custody logs, records, yellow sheets, everything was gone. All forensic evidence, all custody sheets in Delaware County are gone,” Strensom said in the affidavit. 

Despite Strenstrom’s warning of the tampering, his observations were not addressed.

The president thanked those who presented their declarations in defense of the electoral process, through a virtual medium.

“Everybody in that room—I want to thank all the people that signed affidavits and all the speakers—you are fantastic people, you are great patriots,” according to the Daily Wire.

He also reiterated that by cheating, it was the Democrats who hurt themselves. 

“It would be easy for me to say, ‘Oh, let’s worry about it four years from now,’” he said. “No, this election was lost by the Democrats. They cheated; it was a fraudulent election,” he added.

And also, “This was an election that we won easily—we won it by a lot,” he said. “This election was rigged, and we cannot let that happen. We cannot let that happen for our country.”


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