Pennsylvania’s judicial system declared a mail-in voting law violates the state’s constitution on Jan. 28.

The state Supreme Court rejected postal voting legislation that Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf enacted two years earlier because it contravenes fundamental principles on which the Keystone State was founded.

Republicans widely welcomed the decision for recognizing electoral integrity concerns from the previous Donald Trump administration.

“Big news out of Pennsylvania, great patriotic spirit is developing at a level that nobody thought possible–make America great again,” former President Trump said in a statement shared on Twitter.

Wolf and fellow Democrats have already appealed the judicial ruling to delay three GOP and two Democrat judges from overturning the law. The governor’s office claims the legislation makes it easier for Americans to vote.

“We need leaders to support removing more barriers to voting, not trying to silence the people,” Wolf said according to the Associated Press.

Alveda King separately asked politicians to stop exploiting prejudice against those belonging to a different race. Rev. Martin Luther King’s niece disagrees with the president’s, vice president’s, and House speaker’s approaches to voting reform.

“[Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi] are stirring up emotions to get their way,” she previously said. “[They are also] race baiting [and] playing the race card.”

King wants all Democrats to follow her uncle’s example of professing, preaching, and representing human dignity “from the womb to the tomb.” She described the reverend as a man of “faith, hope and love” who supported “appropriate voting.”

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