House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told CNN Town Hall that she knew former President George W. Bush was lying about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction argument for starting a war, adding that she still did not see it as grounds for an impeachment.

Pelosi’s statements come amid the scandal of the so-called Afghanistan papers, a series of documents released by the Washington Post of several testimonies of U.S. officials directly involved in the conflict in the Middle East country.

Such documents expose the lack of clarity on the part of the government and expose the false statements in the media about the development of the war in Iraq, hiding evidence that demonstrated the real situation of the conflict.

Regarding Pelosi’s statements about the measures taken by George W. Bush, she said she “did not want to go down that path [of impeaching then-President Bush] because of what it would mean for the American people.”

However, with regard to the current impeachment process against President Donald Trump, Pelosi again emphasized the need to continue with the process that seeks to remove him, adding, “Our democracy is what is at stake, the president leaves us no choice but to act.”

But the impeachment process so far has left a large proportion of Americans feeling dissatisfied because of the numerous contradictions that have come to light during hearings set up by the House Intelligence Committee that has a Democratic majority, and the lack of due process.

During ABC’s “This Week” broadcast last Sunday, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) said he believed President Donald Trump was acting on “sincere” concerns of corruption during his dealings with Ukraine.

According to News Punch, Gaetz said, “I think the president was acting on a sincere, long-held view and skepticism of foreign aid. I think he was acting on concern about Ukraine being the third most corrupt country in the world. And I think he was also reflecting specific concern about this Biden connection to Burisma.”

It seems that the efforts of the Democrats to impeach the president are not enough, given that the approval of the president continues to grow, despite the accusatory campaign the media has unleashed to reinforce the investigation against him conducted by the Democratic Party, which has even found detractors within the party.

As for impeaching a president, Nancy Pelosi seems to make a clear distinction about her political preferences, she said, “When I became speaker the first time there was overwhelming call for me to impeach President Bush on the strength of the war in Iraq which I vehemently opposed.”

“I knew there were no nuclear weapons in Iraq,” Pelosi said, adding, “I knew it was a misrepresentation to the public.”

Pelosi also said she and other Democrats could only dream of having Republicans in the White House like those she used to oppose, like former President George W. Bush and George WH Bush or even Republican Sen. John McCain.

According to the Washington Examiner, Pelosi has occasionally used other former Republican presidents as a reference to regret Trump’s current presidency.

In 2014, Pelosi was asked why she had not moved forward with the accusation of then-President Bush and she accepted that she accused him of having sent the United States to “a war based on a false representation of the threat of weapons of mass destruction.”

But she added after the “shameful, irresponsible and wrong” attempted impeachment of President Bill Clinton she “did not want to go down that path because of what it would mean for the American people.

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