House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said she would pursue the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump amid polls showing flagging support for the probe and many vulnerable freshman Democrats being put in peril.

Pelosi, during a televised town hall Thursday night, claimed she would not regret the proceedings if they ultimately help President Trump get re-elected.

“This isn’t about politics at all,” Pelosi told CNN’s moderator Jake Tapper. “This is about patriotism. It’s not about partisanship. It’s about honoring our oath of office. This is the first president that has committed all of these things as the constitutional experts said yesterday. Nobody has ever even come close. Not Richard Nixon even came close to his dishonoring his own oath of office.”

As Democrats wrap up their rushed impeachment inquiry, polls show that moderate Democrats in districts won by President Trump in 2016 were turning against impeachment and the president’s approval rating surged.

“Nancy Pelosi is marching members of her caucus off the plank and into the abyss,” Trump 2020 Campaign Manager Brad Parscale tweeted. “Impeachment is killing her freshman members and polling proves it … Say goodbye to your majority, Nancy!”

There are 233 Democrats in the House, of which 31 Democrats represent districts President Trump carried in 2016. They will need 217 yeas to impeach the president.

Rep. Kendra Horn (D-Okla.), who originally backed the Democrats’ investigation, has taken a cautious move toward Pelosi’s investigation after finding that a majority of Oklahomans in her district disapprove of impeachment, reported Breitbart News.

Tapper also noted that Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D-N.J.) had announced his opposition to impeachment, meaning voting against impeachment ultimately will be bipartisan. 

Pelosi, who admitted eight months ago that a purely partisan impeachment vote was wrong and dangerous, made clear that she had changed her mind.

“The facts are clear,” she told Tapper at the town hall. “The Constitution is clear. The president violated the Constitution. And so I think it is important for us to proceed.”

“I have to admit that today was quite historic,” Pelosi added, referencing to her call for articles of impeachment against the president on Thursday. “It was taking us across a threshold on this, that we just had no choice. I do hope that it would be remembered in a way that honors the vision of our founders, what they had in mind for establishing a democracy.”

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich predicted that Pelosi’s “entirely partisan, secret, and one-sided witch hunt” will be a “sore loser’s effort.”

“That vote will cost a lot of Democrats their seats next year. When combined with the radicalism of the national Democratic candidates for president, and the continued economic growth under President Trump’s policies, it is likely that Thursday’s vote guaranteed this would be a one-term Democratic majority, and we will be hearing from Speaker Kevin McCarthy in 2021,” Gingrich said of the October vote on resolution on impeachment inquiry in which two Democrats split to vote no with the Republicans. 

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