U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has promised to pass an electoral reform bill that would, among other things, allow the federal government to control elections, allow noncitizens and illegal aliens to vote, and also seek to censor political debate during elections, Breitbart reported.

Pelosi sent a letter on Friday, Nov. 6 to her colleagues seeking support for her re-election as House speaker and promised to prioritize progressive legislative reforms for the gay community, women, and the elderly.

“Our Democratic House will proudly pass our election reform, anti-corruption, and voting rights legislation by passing H.R.1 on the first day of the new Congress,” she vowed in the letter.

H.R.1 was designed to expand access to elections and limit the updating of voter rolls that each year eliminates inactive voters or those who no longer reside in the same state, precisely to prevent voter fraud.

Another point of reform is to take power away from the states in elections, something guaranteed in the Constitution, and before making any changes to the procedures, states will need to obtain a ‘green light’ from the federal government.

Similarly, the law would divert millions of taxpayer dollars to candidates running for office, making people finance the very politicians they oppose.

Among other things, the reform would also force all states to allow convicted criminals, illegal aliens, and noncitizens to vote, require states to provide free mail-in ballots for all residents, and criminalize political debate that the government considers ‘affects’ voters.

Republican representatives criticized the reform as an attempt to undermine American democracy by taking power away from the people and centralizing everything in the federal government.

Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) linked the current situation of Democratic election fraud to the law that Pelosi wants to make a reality.

Rep. Morris Brooks (R-Ala.) compared Democratic electoral reform to a socialist system:

“As a backdrop, let me emphasize that the long-term goal of Socialist Democrats is to dilute and undermine the voting power of American citizens. How do we know that? By past Socialist Democrat actions and conduct. For example, in many parts of America where Socialist Democrats enjoy dominant political control, they have made it lawful for illegal aliens and lawful noncitizens to vote, thereby diluting the vote of American citizens and undermining the ability of Americans to run their own governments!” Brooks said.


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