After labeling the CCP Virus as the “Trump Virus” on July 21 to slam President Donald Trump for his handling of the virus pandemic that originated from China, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on July 26 called the president “Mr. Make Matters Worse.”

Pelosi unveiled the new nickname for President Trump in an interview with CBS on Sunday morning.

“I have a new name for him, Mr. Make Matters Worse,” Pelosi said of President Trump.

“He has made matters worse from the start. Delay, denial, ‘it’s a hoax,’ ‘it’ll go away magically,”it’s a miracle,’ and the rest—and we’re in this situation,” Pelosi said, referring to the president’s recent comments that the CCP Virus, may disappear “like a miracle.”

During Sunday’s interview, Pelosi also talked about the push for another pandemic relief bill, criticizing that the president’s “disarray” and delays on the next coronavirus stimulus package is “causing suffering for American families.”

“We’ve been anxious to negotiate for two months and ten days when we put forth our proposal that does three things. [First, it] honors our heroes by supporting state and local government with the health care workers’ food suppliers, teacher, teachers, teachers, transportation workers. Secondly, it opens up the economy by having testing, treatment and distancing to end this virus. Third, to put money in the pocket of the American people, unemployment benefits direct pavements, et cetera,” Pelosi said, adding that these are things that Republicans voted for in previous coronavirus packages.

“For them to come now when we’re right on the brink and people are hungry in our country, millions of children are food insecure, many families never thought they’d go to a food bank are going to food banks, and we need more money for food stamps and emergency and nutrition programs, and they’re resisting that. And again, that they would now be trying to—they’re in disarray, and that delay is causing suffering for America’s families. I’ve been here all weekend hoping they have something to give us their promise this week, it didn’t come. Now they’re saying Monday,” Pelosi continued.

The speaker also pivoted to the subject of education in the interview, “The best way to send our children to school is to fund it.” She highlighted the need for improved ventilation and physical spacing in classrooms to allow for social distancing, all of which she said would be provided for in House Democrats’ latest bill.

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